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Stephen Silver Jewelry Sets 5 Carats Of Rubies On Wine Bottle For Auction

An extremely rare lot is going up for sale at the August 8 V Foundation Wine Celebration  Momentum 2.0 auction.  What’s more, it is a lot that boasts plenty of after-sales value. In an apt relationship, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry teamed with award-winning Napa Valley winery, Gemstone Vineyard, to co-design an incredible bottle for the vintner’s 2019 Ruby Barrel Selection of Cabernet Sauvignon that will be auctioned. The bottle is meticulously set with 120 rubies totaling more than 5 carats. 

The Jeroboam bottle that holds three liters of incredible Ruby Cabernet from Gemstone Vineyard is estimated to be worth $50,000 all by itself. Each of the 120 rubies is individually hand-set by the master gem setters at Stephen Silver Jewelry. Each ruby was hand selected by Jared Silver, President of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry,  with close attention paid to color and quality. Each is set within the engravings on the bottle. The bottle is being presented in a hand-crafted custom jewelry box. 

The buyer of the lot has the option of keeping the bottle forever on display (even after consuming the wine), or, after drinking the exquisite cabernet crafted by winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown, returning the bottle to Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry to have the rubies removed and designed into a custom jewelry item.  This is the first time that the 2019 Ruby Barrel Selection has been offered in a large-format bottle. 

The lot also features a dinner with Jared Silver and the Amy Marks Dornbusch of Gemstone Wines, where they can enjoy Gemstone wines, and a meal prepared by a special chef (airfare/transportation not included).

This article was extract from Forbes

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