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Sodom and Gomorrah in Flames by Jan Bruegel the Elder

By La Gazette Drouot
Date post: Sep 29, 2023

A recurring theme with late 16th century Northern European artists, here the ruin of Sodom and Gomorrah is brilliantly depicted in typical style by the great Jan Bruegel.

Gérard Depardieu’s Leroys Reveal a Master of Material

By La Gazette Drouot
Date post: Sep 08, 2023

Gérard Depardieu’s soon-to-be-auctioned collection includes many works by Eugène Leroy (1910-2000), an artist who appealed to the actor with his unique paintings that are part figurative, part abstract but always moving.

Korea’s Modern and Contemporary Art Auctions Heat Up Ahead of Frieze Seoul

By Jonathan Feel
Date post: Aug 23, 2023

Modern and contemporary art from Korea and abroad will be auctioned in August ahead of large-scale art fairs (Frieze Seoul & Kiaf) in September. Two sales from K Auction and Seoul Auction are expected to be centered on works with marketability that has been verified amid the adjustment of the Korean art market.

K Auction will hold an event at its headquarters in Sinsa-dong, Seoul on August 23, 2023, and Seoul Auction will hold a sale at the Gangnam Center on August 29. K Auction will have a total of 61 works, estimated to be worth about USD 5.44 million, and Seoul Auction will bring a total of 97 works together worth about $3.72 million.

A Cut Above: Woody Auction to Sell the Abernathy Cut Glass Collection

By Rebekah Kaufman
Date post: Aug 16, 2023

Woody Auction LLC of Douglass, Kansas is offering the Nancy and Taylor Abernathy Cut Glass Collection sale on September 9, 2023. Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy were well known among the American Cut Glass Association (ACGA) community, and they amassed a most impressive collection over their lifetimes. They specialized American Brilliant Period cut glass, which was produced from the last quarter of the 19th century through about 1920. This glass is famous for its exceptional brilliance. This auction features 377 lots of fine, century-spanning cut glass from makers including Libbey, Hawkes, J. Hoare, Meridian, and many others. Here are some noteworthy highlights from this event.

Femininity According to Georges Rouault, in Three Paintings

By La Gazette Drouot
Date post: Aug 09, 2023

Georges Rouault (1871-1958) endows everything with a sacred character, especially his female portraits. Three examples, which have remained in the artist’s family until now, will be presented at auction in Cannes this summer.

Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear Breaks Records in Special Steiff Auction

By Rebekah Kaufman
Date post: Jul 25, 2023

On July 1, 2023, the auction house Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH of Ladenburg, Germany presented its Special Steiff Auction in Giengen, Germany– the home of the Margarete Steiff GmbH factory. The Steiff Company is best known for designing and producing the fully jointed Teddy bear as we know it today starting in 1902. This signature annual sale is traditionally held during the Steiff Company’s “Steiff Sommer” event, a three day long family-centric fair that includes carnival rides, a petting zoo, food and souvenir vendors, and other button-in-ear activities. This year, the auction included the second half of the Susan Kilgore Wiley collection, an outstanding collection of Steiff prewar bears, animals, novelties, and absolute rarities. The first half of this collection was sold in January 2023 and realized over USD 475,000.

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