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About is revolutionizing online bidding platform in ASEAN by creating a long-awaiting exclusive Marketplace for Asset-Class community.

Asset is generally defined as “A Valuable Thing”. It is usually refer to a product that will be appreciating in value. Best2bid classifies Asset in the wider range of categories, just to name a very few, are Art, Antique, Watches, Jewelry, Couture, Textile, Collectible, Toys, Numismatic, Real Estate, etc. Specifically, we called this “Collectible-Asset”. was founded since 2015 by a group of The established auction professionals. It has since conducted record large volume of DUAL bidding (Online cum On-site auction) events and is recognized from the relevant authorities such as Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) and Maybank. is a Pioneering Online Bidding Platform and marketplace of Valuable Asset-Class Community in Malaysia

“ is a pioneering online Bidding platform that you can trust. It is not something new but I have witnessed its creation from a group of the passionate professionals with continuous enhancement and development over the years.

Millions of transactions have been hammered through, thus creating a positive economic value benefiting the community at large. I strongly recommend as your choice of the online bidding platform.”

Dato’ Ong Seng Huat, DSPN, JP
Corporate Advisor
Independent Advisory Board

“You might not be aware that many local artists are still very much dependant on traditional ways to promote their works. Besides promoting their works on their own, another reason they are not able to penetrate the international market is they don't believe they need a professional art gallery. In today's competitive world, not only does a gallery need a good business model but it also needs a friendly and adaptive platform for worldwide marketing.

Collectable Items like Antiques , Watches and Fine Art Practitioner require a lot of passion, creativity, and persistence if they want to be successful. In my opinion, you can't do it alone. It's very hard as it's not as easy as simply looking for any retailing platform as your marketing tool.

Especially for those who represent artworks and antiques, they can't stand out of the crowd if they just use a normal retail platform. Simply put, serious collectors will not trust and go to such platforms to purchase, especially the younger generations.

I am impressed with I believe that this locally developed platform is suitable for marketers of all kinds of collectibles to display and promote their works. I can see that this platform is sincere and passionate in carving a new market for us. It's a fact that this platform is the local's best. I highly recommend and it will be your best choice for your present and future online market of collectibles.”

WinSon Loh
Curator & Founder of PINKGUY


其实大多数本地艺术家仍然非常依赖传统的营销渠道来推广他们 的作品。本土艺术家的名气没能达到世界级艺术家之一,除了因为 他们一直自己销售他们的作品之外而且从来没有相信更需要通过一个 专业的画廊!

尤其是在这个年代专业的画廊除了要有一般的專业的经营方式之外 其实更需要一个容易操作和适合全球推广的合适在线平台。真正 收藏品行业和艺术行业的参与者需要巨大的激情,创造力和持久性 才能在他们的业务中取得成功。对我来说,要我单独去做这件事是 很困难的,这不仅仅是在寻找任何可用的零售平台能作为他们的 营销工具这么简单吧了!

特别是对于那些専门代理艺术和代理收藏品而言它并不能在销售 消费品的平台中脱颖而出。 简单地说,严肃的收藏家和爱好者不喜欢 在大卖场平台购物或相信它。尤其是年轻的一代! 给我留下了深刻的印象。 我相信在本地这个本土研發的 这个平台会适合各种收藏品和艺术品营销者的合适平台 来展示他们 的要销售的收藏品,因为看到这个平台是认真的,并热衷于和了解 为我们这种的行业建立一个市场。 事实证明这个平台是本土首屈一指的。

因此 我强烈推荐Best2bid.com在现在与未来將会作为您在本地收藏品 上线市场里的最佳选择。”

WinSon Loh