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Bid In A Live Event / Online Auction

Last Updated - 4 years ago

Bidding is easy! 

1. The auction will commence as per the lot number sequence.

2. You will only be eligible to bid for the lot(s) you have registered.

3. During the auction session, click on the Bid button to bid based on the standard increment announced by the Auctioneer.

Absentee Bid/ Maximum Bid

4. You may place an absentee bid or maximum bid at a field provided and click the bid button next to it before event commencement. The system will bid incrementally on your behalf. For this option, an instant pop-up message will prompt for you to confirm the bid as a safety measure. Each bid shall be final and binding as soon as the Bidder confirms the bid.

Bidder Number

5. The current bid will be displayed on the Bidder's screen during the auction, your assigned bidder number will be displayed on the bidding screen.

6. Online and on-site bidder's bid tracking is separated by different colors.

Fair Warning

7. A Fair Warning will appear when the Auctioneer is counting down from the highest bid.


8. The Sold message will appear when the Auctioneer has concluded the sale, before proceeding to the next lot.

9. You will receive an instant email notification if you have won any lot. You can also check your status on the bidder profile.

Happy bidding!

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