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Submit A Bid / Maximum Bid

Last Updated - 4 years ago

Bids can be submitted anytime through the online platform during the course of an online sale or auction.

There are basically two ways to bid: (a) submit the starting/next bid or (b) submit a maximum bid.

best2bid’s uses predetermined bidding increments to simplify the bidding process. Please refer to the Catalogue/ Conditions of Sale for a list of bidding increments, which vary by currency.

Sample Bidding Increment Table 

If a maximum bid is submitted, bids will be placed on your behalf (only as much as is required) to ensure you remain the highest bidder up to your maximum bid.

Should there be cases when two equivalent maximum bids are submitted, the earlier one will hold.

Please note that each bid is a binding contract indicating intent to purchase under the Conditions of Sale.

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