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一套四件精致框架珠母層制作凤凰雉鸡孔雀鹤与花卉艺术品 A Set of Four (4) Framed Mother-of-Pearl Phoenixes Pheasants Cranes and Peacocks Decorative Arts
by MNP Auction Team
1 Bids
Date : 04 Mar 2023
Sold price: MYR 100
白石幼子齐良末 - 虾群(一)
by MNP Auction Team
18 Bids
Date : 04 Mar 2023
Sold price: MYR 1,700
Malaysia, 2017, 13th Series, 20 Ringgit, S/N ZD1270401 - ZD1270500, Replacement, UNC, 100 pcs, sold as is, no returns.
by MNP Auction Team
10 Bids
Date : 25 Feb 2023
Sold price: MYR 1,950
Malaysia, 2017, 13th Series, 20 Ringgit, S/N ZD2087926, Replacement / Star, PMG 70EPQ*.
by MNP Auction Team
12 Bids
Date : 25 Feb 2023
Sold price: MYR 1,550

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