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Flying Phoenix Drum Stool from late Qing Dynasty Off To New Home

A rare imperial class Straits Chinese Famille Rose Drum Stool was sold for RM21,000 at the recently concluded Summer Asian Art Auction. 

The lime green ground garden stool bears two ogival panels in reserve pink enamels; enclosed with a swirling phoenix over the peony foliage. The upper portion of the drum stool is similarly decorated with two pink panels and two free flowing phoenixes.

On its top, two opposing sides are pierced with holes to facilitate ventilation and handling and arranged with pink roundels; resembling ancient Chinese coins while the edge of the drum stool is surrounded with pink border laced with the Buddhist symbols.  


"In ancient times, drum stools were found only in wealthy Straits Chinese families who can afford commissioning such luxury pieces for utilitarian usages. Its rarified quality and scarcity in the market makes it an exquisite piece among top collectors. The new owner will also be possessing a part of history as this drum stool was commissioned during the end of Qing Dynasty, before its fall and the establishment of the Republic of China," shared Stephen Soon, Managing Director of MNP Auctioneers, the leading specialist and auction house for Straits Chinese ware in the Asian region.     

The Summer Asian Art Auction also saw several other dynasty related collectibles hammered at high prices. 

  • Ming Dynasty Wanli Imperial Ware Blue and White Dragon Flower Motif Plate with Ming Wanli Six-Character Mark sold for RM20,000
  • Yuan Dynasty Ge Kiln Long Neck Vase sold for RM20,000
  • Qing Dynasty Guangxu Star Imperial-Class Straits Chinese Famille Rose Pink Ground Yellow Inner Panel Buddhist Emblems Phoenixes Peonies Kamcheng sold for RM 20,000
  • Late Qing to Republic Extremely Rare Straits Chinese Famille Rose Turquoise Blue Ground Pink Inner Panel Buddhist Emblems Phoenix Peony Cylindrical Wine Warmer sold for M20,000

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