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$35 Ming-dynasty Bowl Sold For $721,800!

A remarkable Ming dynasty-era bowl with a cobalt blue and white floral motif sold for $721,800 at an auction in New York recently. 

Before the auction house appraisers identified the porcelain bowl as an extremely valuable Chinese antique, the shrewd consignor bought it at a yard sale in New Haven, Connecticut for just $35.

“The result for this exceptionally rare floral bowl dating to the 15th century, epitomizes the incredible, once in a lifetime discovery stories that we dream about as specialists in the Chinese art field. Upon viewing the bowl for the first time, our team immediately recognized the quality of this undisputed gem, and it is a reminder that precious works of art remain hidden in plain sight just waiting to be found,” shared the appraiser.

The imperial piece, which dates to the 1400s, was made for the Yongle court of the Ming dynasty, which is known for its distinctive porcelain style. 

Made in the traditional tapered shape of a rounded lotus bud or chicken heart lotus and supported by a ring-shaped foot, the bowl is decorated with peony, chrysanthemum, and pomegranate flowers in a silky glaze.

The work bears a classic “heaped and piled” method of painting, where the deep cobalt blue appears almost violet because it has been applied so heavily. 

It is decorated with a striking medallion, and accented by quatrefoil motifs and stylized floral patterns resembling blossoms of lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, and pomegranate flowers.

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