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Seven Slabbed Aliens & Aliens Vs Predator Comics At Auction

Marvel Comics may have the Alien/Aliens/Predator franchise now, but this has brought new interest to the Dark Horse Aliens, and Predator runs. With Heritage Auction offering a set of seven slabbed comic books from over thirty years ago, as that franchise was being established. Here's a listing for Aliens: Genocide #1 9.8, Aliens vs. Predator #0 3 x 9.6 and 1 x 9.4, and Aliens: Earth War #2 9.6 and 9.2.

Aliens: Earth War, later renamed Aliens: The Female War, was written by Mark Verheiden, drawn by Sam Kieth and coloured by Monika Livingston, and was the third series published by Dark Horse Comics from 1990, and continued the stories of Newt and Dwayne Hicjs from the Alien and Aliens films, through the previous series, as well as bringing back Ripley. In later reprints, in order to fit with Alien3 continuity in which the characters had died, Newt and Dwayne were rewritten and redrawn to be new characters Billie and Wilks, while Ripley was rewritten to be a synthetic version of the character. But this comic has the original versions.

Aliens: Genocide from 1991, written by Mike Richardson and John Arcudi, drawn by Damon Willis and inked by Karl Story, with covers and colours by Arthur Suydam, was the first Aliens comic to leave behind the movie characters, address other issues established by the first comic book series and expanded the franchise beyond the movies. It dealt with the established developments after Earth was invaded by Aliens and was recovering, detailing a counter-expedition to the Alien's home planet by a privately funded military and science base.

Aliens vs. Predator was written by Randy Stradley, pencilled by Phill Norwood and Chris Warner, inked by Mark Propst, Brian Stelfreeze, Karl Story, Stine Walsh and Robert Campanella, coloured by Monika Livingston with covers – including this one – by Mike Mignola. The comic book introduced Machiko Noguchi, leading an AVP trilogy of series.

The set currently has bids totalling $134 and is going under the hammer on 12 June 2022.

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