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Rare Pieces of Notes at Upcoming Bank Negara Auction

Collecting old or rare banknotes and coins is becoming popular among investors. This passion investment is often seen as a way to diversify from equities, especially in volatile times.

But do you know how to define the grade or quality of the banknotes? Here are some of the terms used:

1. Uncirculated or mint condition (UNC) — The banknote has no evidence of folds, circulation or handling. The quality is pristine, brand new and perfectly preserved. 

2. Extremely fine condition (EF) — The banknote has nearly uncirculated quality, with the slightest signs of wear or light folds. Almost perfect in all other respects.

3. Very fine (VF) — A banknote with signs of wear and folds, slight wrinkles or slight traces of dirt with no tears at the edges. 

4. Fine (F) — A banknote that is considerably worn out and circulated. Feels somewhat limp, with creased folds, wrinkles and dirt, and very minor tears along the edges.

5. Very good (VG) — A banknote with obvious damage and dirt. It may be heavily soiled, with edges torn. However, the overall design is still visible.

RM60 Terjual pada harga RM50,000

A Rare RM60 with the serial numbers MRR0060000 was sold for RM50,000 in 2018 

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