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  • Chinese Fine Art - Series 2/2021

    28 Jan 2021, 3:00 pm - 10 Feb 2021, 9:00 pm

Chinese Fine Art - Series 2/2021

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We present to you a BUY-NOW of the Chinese Fine Art at home! With the ever-detrimental Covid19 situation, we have launched a Chinese New Year Buy-Now special event to cheer you up while staying home! The good news is, FREE delivery service is provided (limited to West Malaysia) for your purchase item! This special event is open for 14 days until February 10 only. Don’t miss it! Surf now!

我们让您在家也直接选购精致的中华艺术品!在疫情越来越严重的情况之下,我们推出了农历新年直购特场让您冲喜一下!好消息是,我们特别提供免费的快递服务 (仅限西马)!这直购特场仅公开14天而已,直到2月10號(年二十九)。请勿错过,现在就细心游览。

By registering to bid, the bidder acknowledges his or her acceptance of the Online Bidding Terms and Conditions and Conditions of Sale and shall be bound accordingly.

The items are diligently inspected by the specialist. Kindly observe the high-resolution lot images, description and condition report to enhance your bidding interest.

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Lot List


Lot 1
0 Bids
Late Qing Glassware Landscape Snuff Bottle - Qianlong Style 清晚期 洋料玻璃质鼻烟壶 乾隆料款
Price: MYR 1,050

Lot 2
0 Bids
19th Century Japanese Satsuma Plate – Meiji Period 十九世纪 描金绘彩花卉萨摩大盘
Price: MYR 2,500

Lot 3
0 Bids
A Chinese Yuan Dynasty Jun-Kiln Porcelain Bowl 元代 钧窑紫斑纹盘
Price: MYR 2,800

Lot 4
0 Bids
Guan-Type Embossed Dragon Three-Leg Porcelain Vase 官窑 凸雕龙纹三足瓶
Price: MYR 1,100

Lot 5
0 Bids
Yuan Dynasty Splashed Jun-Type Stem Bowl 元代 山西窑口钧瓷高足杯
Price: MYR 1,200

Lot 6
0 Bids
60-80s Dark Enamel Flowery Bird Porcelain Vase 六十至八十年代 珐琅默彩花鸟纹瓶
Price: MYR 2,100

Lot 7
0 Bids
Sino-Tibetan Gilt Bronze of Vajrasattva, 19th Century . 19世纪 西藏藏传金刚萨埵铜鎏金像
Price: MYR 19,000

Lot 8
0 Bids
Yuan Dynasty Hebei Cizhou Kiln Black Glaze Cup 元代 河北磁州窑系黑釉束口盏
Price: MYR 2,800

Lot 9
0 Bids
17th Century (Transitional Period) Blue and White Figure Porcelain Double Gourd Vase 明末清初过渡时期17世纪 青花人物纹葫芦瓶
Price: MYR 12,000

Lot 10
0 Bids
Ming Hongzhi Blue and White Plate with Peacock Rockery and Flowers Motifs明代弘治年间 青花花鸟湖石图盘
Price: MYR 6,800

Lot 11
0 Bids
Famille Rose Blue and White Gold Gilded Figure Flower Vase – Qianlong Style 粉彩青花描金人物花卉纹赏瓶 - 乾隆款
Price: MYR 5,800

Lot 12
0 Bids
Late Ming Wucai Figure Porcelain Jar 明晚期五彩人物罐
Price: MYR 5,500

Lot 13
0 Bids
Qing Daoguang Imperial Ware Famille Rose Carmine Ground Bowl with White Inner Panel and Inner Bowl Decorated with Flowers in Blue and White 清代道光官窑 粉彩扎道胭脂地三羊启泰宫碗 大清道光年制
Price: MYR 28,000

Lot 14
0 Bids
Wucai Simaguang Story Porcelain Double Pillow – Jiajing Style 五彩司马光砸缸故事图长枕 - 嘉靖款
Price: MYR 4,300

Lot 15
0 Bids
Early Qing Dynasty Export Green Glaze Gold Gilded Ginger Jar 清早期 外销瓜皮绿釉描金浄水瓶 A pair of vases, a temple lion and a green ground kendi, 19th/20th
Price: MYR 2,200

Lot 16
1 Bids
Ming Dynasty Lonquan Celadon Vase 明代龙泉青瓷 Celadon crackle glaze, incised diamond pattern body with clouds, foliate medallions on shoulder, fluted low neck.
Price: MYR 3,500

Lot 17
0 Bids
A Pair of Blue and White Flower Bird bowls 一对青花花鸟纹碗
Price: MYR 1,050

Lot 18
0 Bids
Wucai Dragon Motif Jar - Wanli Style 五彩龙纹罐 - 万历款
Price: MYR 3,500

Lot 19
0 Bids
Blue and White Porcelain Covered Box with the Character “Shou” (Longevity) and Sprays of Flowers 青花缠枝寿字纹盖盒 - 康熙款
Price: MYR 1,200

Lot 20
0 Bids
Henan Kiln Cizhou Series Bowl 河南窑口磁州系黑釉束口碗
Price: MYR 2,800

Lot 21
0 Bids
Southern Song Dynasty Jizhou Kiln Tiger-Skin-Style Glaze Bowl 南宋 吉州窑虎皮釉碗
Price: MYR 3,900

Lot 22
0 Bids
Yuan Dynasty Cizhou Kiln Plate 元代 磁州窑小盘
Price: MYR 1,100

Lot 23
0 Bids
Late Qing Enamel Peking Glass Snuff bottle 晚清 珐琅彩料器鼻烟壶
Price: MYR 1,050

Lot 24
0 Bids
Jizhou Kiln Bowl 吉州窑窑变碗
Price: MYR 850

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