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  • Hometown of My Heart

    18 Dec 2020, 11:00 am - 31 Dec 2020, 5:00 pm

My Heart Journey - Hometown of My Heart

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Ming Fine Art is delighted to proudly display the works of Koh Teng Huat, also known as "Ah Ku", a well known self-taught artist from Balik Pulau, Penang at its Gurney Paragon's gallery.

Known for his skilled application of impasto technique where the painting is laid on an area of the surface with a palette knife, the painter's knife strokes are clearly visible and vividly displayed. Koh's bold strokes with strong colours makes his artworks stand out, and he particularly enjoys painting outdoors rather than in the studio.

"My Heart Journey" is Koh's depiction of his Balik Pulau roots where things were more carefree  and places closest to his heart. The series also showcases the majestic mountains of the world in New Zealand, China and more.

View his 2 series :

Visit The Exhibition Venue :

Ming Fine Art

No.163C-1-03, St. Jo's Level 1,

Gurney Paragon Mall, 10250 Gurney Drive, 

Penang, Malaysia

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Product List


Lot 1
0 Bids
The Herd
Price: MYR 3,800

Lot 2
0 Bids
Riverbank No.2
Price: MYR 4,800

Lot 3
0 Bids
Contentment Lodge
Price: MYR 4,800

Lot 4
0 Bids
Dancing Coast
Price: MYR 4,800

Lot 5
0 Bids
Riverbank No. 3
Price: MYR 4,800

Lot 6
0 Bids
Price: MYR 4,800

Lot 7
0 Bids
Enjoying the Breeze
Price: MYR 4,800

Lot 8
0 Bids
Bustling Metropolis
Price: MYR 4,800

Lot 9
0 Bids
Chap Goh Mei
Price: MYR 2,800

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