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  • Straits Chinese Antique (ONLINE) Mini Auction 侨生华人文物 (线上) 小型拍卖会

    01 May 2020, 3:00 pm - 06 May 2020, 9:25 pm

Straits Chinese Antique (ONLINE) Mini Auction 侨生华人文物 (线上) 小型拍卖会

MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn. Bhd.
No. 192A, First Floor, Jalan Jelutong, 11600 Penang.

Start date/time : 1st May 2020 / 3.00 pm
End date/time : 6th May 2020 / 8.00 pm onward

Straits Chinese porcelain refers specifically to most the nineteenth century's export famillie rose porcelain from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province of China which was exclusively made for the unique community of Straits-born Chinese or Peranakan. It is particularly unique and differs from the traditional types of wares made in China, not only in the shapes of the potting but also in the style of the decorative designs. Where mandarin types of utensils tended to be sparsely ornamented and lightly painted in pale washes of enamels, Straits Chinese ware is characterized by its baroque exuberance of decorative motifs and the most vivid and colourful famille rose enamels. Straits Chinese antique gained recognition internationally when Christies', the world's top international auction house promoted Straits Chinese Ceramics, Gold and Silver auction events between 1994 and 1995 in Singapore.

侨生华人瓷器是侨生华人向中国江西省景德镇订制的粉彩瓷器,  有些碗底印有同治和光绪字样(19世纪末至20世纪初),可见那是制造的高峰期。瓷器颜色鲜艳,偏爱桃红和浅绿,最常见的图案是凤凰和牡丹。凤凰代表地位和财富,牡丹代表爱情与美貌,还有燕子、蝴蝶、菊花等图案,象征对美好生活的祝愿。如今这一类的瓷器自从全球首要拍卖行佳士得在1994至1995间在新加玻拍卖过后就逐渐成为新马泰古董家热烈收藏的文物。

0% Deposit! Huge Bargain! Pay only 10% upon winning and balance payable within seven (7) days upon Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) is lifted!

By registering to bid, the bidder acknowledges his acceptance of the Online Bidding Terms and Condition and the Conditions of Sale herein and shall be bound accordingly. 

The items are diligently inspected by the specialist. Kindly observe the high resolution lot images, description and condition report to enhance your bidding interest.

Please refer to the attached Guidance on Online Only Auction for further guidance.

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15%  to be payable in addition to the hammer price for all lots sold online bidding via

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Lot List


Lot 1
8 Bids
Famille Rose Phoenix Peony Bowl粉彩凤凰牡丹碗

Starting Price: MYR 350

Lot 2
14 Bids
Large Famille Rose Kakiemon Style Pheasant Peony Plates and Bowl 大型粉彩纯柿右卫门风格山鸟牡丹盘与碗

Starting Price: MYR 700

Lot 3
1 Bids
White Ground Four-Season Flower Cricket Bowls白地四季花卉蟋蟀碗

Starting Price: MYR 500

Lot 4
0 Bids
Framed Moss-Green Nyonya Flower Velvet Shoe-Uppers苔绿地娘惹串珠丝绒鞋顶 (装裱)

Starting Price: MYR 500

Lot 5
1 Bids
Famille Rose Turquoise Peony Bowl with Inner Crane Centered粉彩绿松石牡丹鹤内碗

Starting Price: MYR 1,000

Lot 6
7 Bids
Famille Rose Flying Phoenix Peony Spoons粉彩飞凤牡丹勺子

Starting Price: MYR 800

Lot 7
1 Bids
White Ground Four-Season Flower Cricket Bowls白地四季花卉蟋蟀碗

Starting Price: MYR 500

Lot 8
9 Bids
Rare Baba Phoenix Gold and Silver Thread Shoes罕有峇峇金银凤凰穿线鞋子

Starting Price: MYR 900

Lot 9
1 Bids
Rare Early Authentic Kakiemon Famille Rose Pheasant Peony Bowls罕有早期纯柿右卫门风格粉彩牡丹山鸟碗

Starting Price: MYR 1,000

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