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  • Asian Art Collections Special 亞洲藝術藏品特場

    16 Sep 2020, 12:00 pm - 15 Oct 2020, 6:00 pm

Asian Art Collections Special 亞洲藝術藏品特場

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Lot 1
0 Bids
Late Qing Glassware Landscape Snuff Bottle - Qianlong Style 清晚期 洋料玻璃质鼻烟壶 乾隆料款
Price: MYR 1,000

Lot 2
0 Bids
Yuan Dynasty Hebei Cizhou Kiln Black Glaze Cup 元代 河北磁州窑系黑釉束口盏
Price: MYR 2,500

Lot 3
0 Bids
Southern Song Dynasty Jizhou Kiln Tiger-Skin-Style Glaze Bowl 南宋 吉州窑虎皮釉碗
Price: MYR 3,750

Lot 4
0 Bids
Southern Song Dynasty Jizhou Kiln Hat Cup 南宋 吉州窑玳瑁斗笠盏
Price: MYR 6,000

Lot 5
0 Bids
Early Qing Dynasty Export Green Glaze Gold Gilded Ginger Jar 清早期 外销瓜皮绿釉描金浄水瓶 A pair of vases, a temple lion and a green ground kendi, 19th/20th
Price: MYR 1,900

Lot 6
0 Bids
Late Qing to Republic Blue and White Landscape Covered Washer 清晚至民国 青花山水人物有盖笔洗
Price: MYR 5,000

Lot 7
0 Bids
Early Qing Dynasty Blue and White Censer Decorated with Delineated Lotus – Double-Circle Base Mark 清早期 青花勾莲纹寿字香炉 双圈款
Price: MYR 5,000

Lot 8
0 Bids
Mid Qing Dynasty Famille Rose Figure Vase 清中期 粉彩无双谱人物赏瓶
Price: MYR 12,500

Lot 9
0 Bids
Yuan Dynasty Splashed Jun-Type Stem Bowl 元代 山西窑口钧瓷高足杯
Price: MYR 1,150

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